Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HOME KEEPER'S JOURNAL: Spring Time Changes

Homekeeper's Journal 3/1/2011

Spring Time Changes

In my kitchen this week... Dalton grilled fish tonight on the George Forman Grill.  It was so GOOD!!! And I really don't like fish.  Tomorrow I need to plan my menu for the next 2 weeks and make my grocery list, as I'll go to the store on Thursday. 

Changes I make to my home in spring...Open the window; bring in spring colors and fragrances.

Changes in my schedule...I actually just redid my schedule today.  Just need to be vigilant to follow it.

Changes in my yard....Not my field.  Bobbye Sue is itching to plant flowers - Granddaddy has found seeds through he's new hobby; "Dumpster Diving"  Dalton commented today that it was about time to mow the yard.

What I look forward to this spring...We may try to buy a pop up camper.  We sold our camper trailer this pay fall and have decided if we want to buy a camper or not.    We like camping, but think a pop up may be easier to use.

Spring brings with it....Longer days, more family time.  fresh air...Bobbye Sue is starting soccer  next week.  She's always wanted to play.  Have a question...Am I an official soccer mom, even though I can't drive a minivan??? LOL!

A sure sign of spring...Warmer weather!

A favorite spring activity...Sitting out on the swing with Barrett watching the kids play.

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