Thursday, January 27, 2011


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whimsically Wednesday - Rethinking Some Things.

OK, so first of all can't winter be over yet?  I think it should only last from Thanksgiving to New Year's then we should go back to normal whether AKA - 70s!  I use to think my Nanny was nuts when she use to talk about how the cold whether made her feel  bad.  It gets into your bones and causes your muscles to stiffen up and hurt.  Plus I really get tired and more depressed in the winter time and my body craves sleep.  I think I should hibernate like  a (TEDDY) bears.  Always knew they were  my favorite for a reason! :)
     So anyway, I've been thinking about some things - other than  sleep!  I have a busy mind - It probably works 3 times faster than my body (LOL)!  I have already great thoughts and ideas but most of them are not practical at this time in my life.  This goes back to me always comparing myself to others and thing that they have stuff all figured out.  I really think that God is calling on me to concentrate solely on my family and my  home at this time.  My biggest addiction in life is to buy books.  Who knew? A writer who loved  books.  When I was in school I could read 6  books at one time.  Can't hardly do that anymore..  Anyway I was listening to "Midday Connection" yesterday and they're going through Marcia Ramsland's "A Simple Life".  It's a seven week process of getting your home in order.  Midday's doing it in 14 weeks.    So of course I ordered the book and workbook!  LOL!, Anyway, I started to think of all this other stuff - good stuff - that I wanted to do this year; But I really need to put Barrett and the little people first.  Yes, I still want blog and do Face Book and all this other stuff but what are my priories?  I want to finish Ken Gire's "Windows to the Soul." and I want to reread Debi Pearl's "Created To Be His Help Meet.  I want to write and feel like when I write things out,   peace comes in to my chaos.  I need to stop trying to   be who I think everyone want me to  be and start being who God wants me to   be and rely on him to give me everything I need to accomplish is

Shout Out To My Tech Guy

Just want to say Thank You to my son Dalton Barrett who does my blog designing.  He's a 11 and so creative.  Yes, he gets his technical abilities from Barrett not me!  I pray that God keeps enhancing this talent and that Dalton always uses it to glorify Him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today's blog entry prompts in bold are provided by Sylvia over at  Check her out for good ideas each week and other people's entries with the same prompts.  

In my Kitchen today …..Nothing,  Barrett had ball games and Dalton had basket ball practice, so we stopped at Arby's.  So the kitchen's clean for tomorrow's start.

Proverbs 1:5 says: Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance – What this means for me is …..  I need to constantly be in prayer and in study, because my ultimate guidance HAS to come from God!

Proverbs 17:10 tells me that “A rebuke goes deeper into a man of understanding than a hundred blows into a fool.” – So I know that ….. When I truly get hurt by rebuke, its confirms to me that I am truly trying to do God's will because when I encounter rebuke, it make me want to seek God's will even more.

Proverbs 17:27 says that “Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.” What this means for me as a woman of God is …….  As a Christian, the world is constantly watching to make sure I'm "practicing what I preach".  If I can maintain my composure and peace even through the midst of trails and chaos, it's a testimony to God, myself and others that I do trust in God.

Proverbs 13:15 talks about favor – “Good understanding gains favor, but the way of the unfaithful is hard.” –  When I am willing to study and seek God's will, I'm saying "yes" to Him and I believe He'll bless me; but when I turn for him my life will be more difficult. 


And finally, Proverbs 20:5 tells me that “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out” – This is important for me because ……  I want counsel, not just approval.  I want to do God's will and I want to seek  out people and information that will help me to achieve this..

1o Things I Want to Change in My Marriage

One of my favorite books is "Created to be  His Help Meet" by Debi Pear.  Had the book for years; it was one of those books that was all high lighted up and had personal  notes in it.  Somehow I've misplaced it.  So I bought another one and have started to reread.  Before you  start reading, Mrs. Pearls suggest you write down the 10 things you want to change an or improve in you marriage.
Here are mine:

1)  Pray for Barrett more
2)  Listen better
3)  Obey without question
4)  Be more available to Barrett
5)  Know and fulfill most of Barrett's needs and desires                 
6)  Create a welcoming and relaxing home for Barrett
     and the kids
7)  Prepare good, healthy meals for them.
8)  Respect Barret at all times and show it. 
9)  Stop comparing us to other couples
10) Stop bombarding Barrett with pity things.

The Laundry Prayer

Lord, as I wash and dry and put away
      these clothes that will be worn another day.
My heart cries out for those who wear them
      may Your blessings always surround them.
Though I may tire of this endless chore
     my love for them is so much more
Please give me strength, Lord as I go
     to remember how You love me so.
You washed my soul as white as snow
So I will wash their clean so that can go out and do Your will.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simple Sunday

OK, so it's Sunday night and I've just watching TV, blogging and catching up on computer stuff.     I really plan to get up and start the week running.  With the holiday, sick days and snow days last week & the week before, I've really gotten of track with the house and laundry and such.  More snow is in the forecast,  so I really need to take advantage of my "alone day" tomorrow to get caught up with things.  I want to focus on several things this week;  I want to work on  my menu planner, my prayer journal.  I want to go through my closet. I really want to finish up a  chapter of  a story I'm wrighting and I need to do a better time with just having alone time with God.  I'm thinking maybe Coffee time with God.  Does this sound  lame?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Frame of Mind Friday - Snow Days

       OK, so as I'm trying to figure out a good blogging routine.  I've noticed that many blogs I follow have a set topic for every day  off the week (or at least the regular days they blog).  I kind of like this idea.  So that  being said, I'm introducing...Frame Of Mind  Friday!  

      Today was a(another) snow day!  This our 6th snow day this year. We only have  10 built in days and it's only January!!!  It's been sort of a long week!  They were out of school Monday,  then Dalton was home sick on Wednesday and Thursday  and then they were out for the SNOW.  Anyway, we had a good day.  We played school and just hung out at home.   I so love my little people, though it's tiring at times and I have this vision of what the "perfect mom" that I cannot fulfill.    I got to remember I'm here to  fulfill God's will, not mine!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

OK, so what am I thinking?  Not much but that I really wish spring would come SOON!  I know it's only January!!!   Kids are home and out of school tomorrow - it's their 6th snow day this year!    But I'm very thankful tonight that I  don't have scrounge around to find a sitter for tomorrow.  Dalton has been sick  all week and I'm thankful that I was able to stay home with him.

Homekeeper's Journal:All About My Home Sweet Hom

The Homekeeper's Journal 1/19/11

If you would like to participate in the Homekeeper's Journal, you can visit Sylvia has a McLinky there too so you can share your blog address. That way other's can visit your blog. :)

This week's journal is all about Home.

In my homey kitchen:   As it it after supper, there's not much going on in my kitchen except a sink full of dirty dishes  screaming to be washed.  Can't you hear them???   The kitchen is truly the heart of our home  and it seams like chaos avails there,  but I love it!

My thoughts on being at home:  It's my calling.  I truly believe  My job is to be a good wife and mother.  I do at times feel very alone, but this is  more due to my disability and the fact that I can't drive and am home bound for the most part.   Sometimes it does seam as a prison.  My freedom is limited, as is the freedom my children, because of my CP.  However, it is also a safe heaven.  I am in control (for the most part)  of my home.  It's where I can be  myself and can teach my children about God and our values.

A constant habit I have of keeping my home comfortable is: I try to keep my  house clean, clothes clean and good food   on the table.  I really try to keep a peaceful spirit in the house - this is  hard between a big brother and a little sister.

If I could change the decor in my home: Not much, we pretty much have it like we want it.  The inly thin that I would like to do is raise our sunroom to be on the same level as the rest of the house.  Right now is down 3 stairs.  While I can walk a bit, I worry about falling.
What I want my children/spouse/other family to remember about my home is:  I want them to feel peace and love here.  I want this to be a sanctuary for them; an escape from the world's  chaos.   I want it to be a place where   they can  be free to be themselves.

Home:   To me home  is a feeling.  My parents separated when I was  17 and   so the home was broken  I would  stay with my    BFF as often as possible.  In college I lived in dorms, and although I would catch glimpses of home  every now and then with different friends, It wasn't until I met Bryan that I truly felt at home.  I love the house we live in, but he and the kids are what make it a home.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twistable Tuesday

OK, so  it's Tuesday and I just wanted to blog a bit.  Slept late this morning.  Don't know why I'm so  LAZY.  Dalton came home sick from school, so I guess the stomach virus has  struck the Barrett  household.   My first instinct is to run and hide, but I guess as Mama I'm not aloud to do that am I????  I'm  going to get up and scrub the house.  I really need to get into my studies more.   I feel like with all the snow days last week, I still feel I've haven't officially started my new year yet.  I having deja vu of last year, where between bad weather, holidays, and sickness, I don't think  both kids went to  school a full week  until mid to late February.    I just  hate to work on writings while the kids are home;  it takes my time, energy, and attention away from my kids:  They are my main priory.  As much as   I love and want to write, my first job is to be a good wife and mother.   One day they will be all grown  up and won't need their Mama (much) anymore,  then I'll have time  to write and do other things.  No matter what else  I do in my life, nothing will ever compare to being a wife and Mama.   Please God, don't ever lett me forget this!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rambling Monday

It  was a good weekend.  Dalton spent the night with a friend Friday, so Bobbye Sue and I had a "Girl's Night In."  Saturday Dalton had a basket ball game that afternoon and then we  had a delayed Christmas Party with our  Sunday School class - it was just too hectic to do it during the actually holiday season.  I love out church friends!!!  Yesterday, we had a deacon meeting and lunch at church on Sunday Them I  had my first great fall of 2011.  I fell down 3 steps coming out of the kitchen.  My  shirt got caught in the   railing of the stairs and I twisted and fell, and I fell and kissed the asphalt.  skinned my hand and my knee.  I don't bounce back   like I did when I was young.  Today was good,  Kids were out of school.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

It's Thursday night of what's been a  long, snowy week.  Tomorrow is the first day they've been to school last Friday.  It almost seams pointless for them to go tomorrow, since Monday is a holiday, but since Rutherford County only has about 11 built in snow days.   Many Tennessee counties have already used  their alloted day can miss and already are staying that they are going to have go on  holidays and/or over  spring break.
      We did have a really good.  The kids were mostly good and did most of their chores.  My sister-in-law is coming in the morning to help me clean.  Even though I'm going to really try to keep my house clean this year; it really helps when she comes every couple of weeks to help me with the heavy cleaning, she hasn't been since before Christmas.

I'm going to start posting what I'm thankful on Thursday; so here goes:

~ I'm married to my best friend.
~We have 2 wonderful blessing from God.
~We live a nice, WARM house.
~Barrett has a good job that he loves.
~Mr. Barrett is in good health and active at 73.
~We have good families.
~We have an awesome church family.
~We're in good health.
~OUR GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about TIME……

In My Winter Kitchen its time to ……….
Clean out cabinets.  My sister-in-law gave me a bunch of canned food before Christmas.  I do appreciate it but we just don't use a lot  can stuff.  So I need to go through an organize it.  
My biggest Time-Waster seems to be ……..My first reaction is to say sleep.  I love to sleep,  especially in the winter.  I think I'm part bear and I have a tendency to want to hibernate.  But on second thought I think I get easily distracted and lose my focus.  I really need to ask God  to help me with this.
I do/do not view Time as a gift from God and here is why……Yes, I do.  Although I believe like I really abuse the gift and don't appreciate is nor use it like I should.
When others are slow or dawdle I ………It depends on whether they are truly having a difficult time or if the just goofing off.  I try to be patient, because I want people to have patience with me.  Unfortunately, the two people I have the least  patience with are the two people I need to have the most patience with:  Dalton and Bobbye Sue.    Too often I expect them to live my life my way.   On of my sayings is: "This is my world; you just live here!"  I really need to change the way i think of this.  
One way that I make good use of time in my household is …..Be intentionally!  When I'm truly trying to be a good homemaker and stay on top of things, I use my time more wisely and have more time for my family.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today’s Journal is all about Winter and what you do to make your home warm, inviting, comfortable and the things you struggle with in the Winter.

In my Winter Kitchen…As the new year starts, we are trying to eat healthier. So I'm trying to fix warm, hearty meals.

The hardest part about Winter for my household is ….Business and basket ball! Bryan announces high school ball games and is gone 2 night a week plus Saturday morning. It gets even more hectic as tournaments roll around. Dalton just started basket ball practrice on Tuesday night and has his first game this Saturday.

My favorite Winter time meal is….Papa's Cow Tail soup. It's a vegetable soup made with beef. It was my grandfather's recipe. I make it with ground turkey.

I Do/Do Not (choose one) tend to be depressed in the Winter…..
I am bi-polar and do suffer from depression and it definitely gets worse in the winter. I tend to sleep a lot. I'm disabled and the cold weather makes my body hurt, which doesn't help the depression.

A favorite Winter time activity my family enjoys is …. Play Wii
To help my home look and feel inviting in the Winter….burning candles, esp Pumpkin Spice.

How I dress to stay warm ……Long sleeve shirts, sweaters. I love my bath robe We keep the house pretty warm, though.

One really important health rule for the Winter time I’d like to share ….Use lotions to prevent dry skin.

2011 Goals

OK, so I though about it for a couple days and theses are the goals I want to work on for 2011:

~Clean the house daily
~keep on touch of laundry
~go to bed early - by 10 PM
~get up early
~clean kitchen nightly - "SHINE YOUR SINK"
~read bible daily - Our Sunday school is going through the bible book by book..  We are currently working on 1 & 2 kings
~ Create prayer journals for my kids
~ pray more
~journal/ blog 2-4x weekly

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 1-1-11 y'al ~Had a great New Year's Day!

All in all it was a great new year's day.  We stayed up till about 2 ~ nothing for us.  We watched "District 9"  and a documentary on Area 51 last night.  Bobbye Sue had night mares and wound up in our bed, so needless to say I didn't sleep too well.  We didn't get up until almost noon.  We cleaned and organized the whole house!  I'm so doing the Happy Dance right now!  I keep praying that God will make me OCD!  I now that people who don't know me well think I'm a neat freak because I'm always talking me; I'M NOT!!! I just always need to clean.  I still need to clean our room and the laundry room (and wash ALL the clothes and TOWELS the came out  of the kids' rooms
     Granddaddy cooked supper tonight:  the traditional blacked eyed peas cook in ham hock and turnip greens.  It was delicious!  How come stuff always tastes better when I don't cook it???  Anyway things are winding down in the Barrett household.  We created a new chore chart and it's hanging on the fridge.  Kids and Barrett are playing Donky Kong and I'm thinking that a hot bubble sounds really good right now.