Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - COUNT YOUR BLESSING,


   1)  My husband Barrett - who loves me even thru my craziness.
2.  Dalton- who is the child wished upon me when I was growing up and my mama always said; "I hope you have a child JUST LIKE YOU!
3)  Bobbye Sue - who my look like Stacia but is really just a miniature Barrett.
4.  My wonderful father in law who I don't think knew when we got married that he was going to be "Driving Mrs. Heather".
5) Holly Grove - our amazing church home and family.
6.  A house we love: My prayer is to leave only in a pine box - but give me a few more years!
7) My brothers - OK, here's what just came to mind.  Jimmy carrying me and running all the way back home after I fell and sliced my hand in the pond!
8.  My sister - definitely a worthwhile blessing to our family.
9.  My sept-dad; Yep, I owe you a Chinese supper. 
10.  My mama - who I said I'd never be like, but I'm grateful I'm becoming more and more like every day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simple Sunday - Exciting Times!

Pray about it  Today was an awesome day at church.  We voted to open up the building fund to maybe start building in June.  We attend the church where Barrett went until he was 8 and his mama died.  We started going nine years ago,  Dalton was 3 and Bobbye Sue was 6 months old.  It became our home the day we walked in.  A lady told me later that everyone was watching us, asking; "Is  that our little Bryan?"  When we started, there were only about 30 members.  There's about 100 now.  It's and old church.  The sanctuary is fine.  Our biggest need it class  room and fellowship space, bathrooms and handicapped entrances.  

Well, about a week and a half ago Barrett found a web site that matches churches with volunteers that can help in building.  Well, he called and the woman who answered the phone asked if he was married to Heather.  She was my big sister in the service sorority that I was in college.  God is awesome!!!


The Homekeeper’s Journal is a way to keep track of your thoughts, in journal form, online. I have given you the prompts, written my own responses, and given you a Mclinky to use to leave the link to your own Journal entry. A link back here is nice. Its also a great way to get traffic moving to your blog and share your thoughts with others.
This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about Spring Cleaning of a different sort….

In my kitchen this week …..  Not much, cleaned it today

In my home this week …..  Trying to recoup from spring and gear up for the least 9 weeks of school.  I want to start a deep spring cleaning next week, so I'm getting ready for that.  I'm going to buy grocries  tomorrow.  Barrett has a confrence with Dalton's teachers tomorrow.  The kids got report cards yesterday and Dalton's grades really dropped.  Not sure what's up with that.  Bobbye Sue's suppose to go spend the night with a friend Friday Night.  She has a soccer game Saturday and then we have to  drive to White House to buy a scooter I found on  Craiglist.

Read these verses
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:10
Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. Hebrews 10:22
These verses tell me ……Everything starts with a pure and sincere heart.  If you think about this, it goes along   with both spring cleaning and renewing our relationship with God.  However, on my own I'm not likely to do a deep, thorough  cleaning until  I feel like I 'm being suffocated by the mess, just like sometimes I need t get into the darkness because I'm so far away from God, that it takes the prompting of the the Holy Spirit to get back to Him

Now read these verses
The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2

These verses tell me ………My attitude reflects what my mind thinks which reflects what I put into and expose it to.  I need to put good and pure things into my life, so that I can concentrate on God and live for him. 

I will start Spring Cleaning my Heart this week by …… Praying...I've been listening to the  book "The Power Of A Praying Parent".   It suggested going through a doing a "spiritual housecleaning" and actually going through and praying for my house room by room.

Praying for my kids

  I do pray for my kids, but I feel like sometimes I do a better job than others.  Is  this natural?  I'm currently listening to "The Power of a Praying Parent".  Its really opening my eyes to  somethings I've know and have let go astray, but it's has also brought to light something that I have never really thought about praying for.  One of them was to have a spiritual "spring cleaning"  of your house.  This is exciting to me as many of us here at CHK are going to be doing a true spring cleaning in the next few weeks.  I think I'm going to try to incorporate this too.  Also, one of my favorite prayer books is a  book that my BFF gave me about 6 years ago called "Praying God's Promises For You Children".  It's a beautiful little book that's divided up by topics/subjects with specific bible verses to pray for these topics.  This is one of my beloved books that i write in and mark up;  It holds notes and extensive prayer lists for Dalton, Bobbye Sue and Barrett.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Frame of Mind Friday - Reflections of Spring Break

It's been spring break week!  We've had a good one.  On Tuesday, we went to the library and then we walked to the park, not my best idea!  Let's just say  Granddaddy came to our rescue again.  Thursday both the kids had dentist appointments - Bobbye Sue had to be sedated.  Today went back to the library to volunteer in  order to work off some fines.    (I know it's sad for us to have library fines when Barrett works right next to the library -    but we won't go there!)  Then we walked up to meet Barrett at the radio station.  We went to IHOP and spend the night watching movies...The week definitely renewed my love for being my kids mama. 


The Homekeeper's Journal 3/22/11

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In my Kitchen this week: Last night I cooked chicken with that new cream cheese cooking stuff from Philadelphia.  I wasn't impressed but it was OK.  Barrett and the kids seamed to like it.  I laid pork chops out for tomorrow but my mama just called and their coming to visit so I make take them to dinner.

In my Household Plans this week:  It's spring break, so our schedule's  off.  I'm just trying to enjoy my little people. Grandma's visiting tomorrow  They both  have dentist appointments on Thursday.  We're volunteering at the library on Friday and Bobbye Sue has her first soccer game Saturday

My off the cuff definition of Unity: Peace, It sometimes means agreeing to disagree; accepting others for who they are even though they are different from me.

The opposite of Unity: CHAOS!!!  A feeling of uneasiness.

Unity in my Home: Is Peace.  Laughter, even  mischievous play at times.

Unity in my Church:  It is much the same as it in our house.  We have some pretty big age gapes  in our church, which gets very interesting.   We are, hopefully, going to build an addition onto the church this summer.  It is very exciting and much needed.  But as  when  any project that involves more   than 1 person, there will be multi plural view  and opinions.  We're praying   for God's leading and guidance.     

Between a Husband and Wife, Unity:  I think this very individualized.  We have been studying the book of Phillipans  in Sunday School and a couple weeks ago we were talking about the husband/wife relationship.  It  was quite an interesting discussion. I truly do believe that Barrett is the "head"  of me and our family,  just as Christ is the "head" of the church.  I guess I'm kinda old fashioned, but I desire to be a biblical portrait of  of a godly wife and mama.  We always discuss things.  In the end, he has the last word.  But when we got married, we became one flesh.  I have confidence  that he will do the be  best for us.  This is not always easy, and sometime I have to just pray that Barrett and I come into agreement and totally submit to Him and   God.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about This And That!
In My Kitchen this week……….. Today was my big monthly grocery trip so I spent the afternoon putting stuff up and cleaned out the fridge
In My Yard …….. Our Bradford Pear Treas are blooming!!!  I can see on  them from  my kitchen window.
I’ve been thinking …. V-A-C-A-T-O-N!!!  We'll be going to the Smokies June 6th-10th.   Started planning last week
What motivates me more than anything else ...When I feel good both physically AND mentally.   
My Devotional life and walk with Christ …. Could be so much better.!!! As I've spoke up many times in my blog I struggle with depression in the winter and too often the first thing that I let slide is  my personal time with God.  Spring is slowly coming around.  I am starting to listen  to more sermons and worship music, as well as pray and read more.
I struggle ….. That's a loaded question!!!  This week I've really been struggling with Mama Guilt.    I want to be a good mama; and I believe I am, but many times think or feel like I should be doing  more.  Satan uses this as one of his tactics to gets to me.  Most days I can act and feel like just a "NORMAL" mama, but sometimes a challenge comes up where  my disablity stands out and then I remember...Oh, maybe I'm not.    As the kids get older, especially Dalton, that don't like anything that makes them stick out.  Having a disabled mama is kind of like having a big pink elephant in the room.  The lastest is they are  having  parent/teacher confrences tomorrow.  He came in yesterday saying they said I had to have a confrence.  Since I don't drive, going to school for a 10  minute conference isn't very easy.  So I sent both his teachers an email saying if I needed to come in I would but that if we could communicate by phone or email (which we do) that'd be great.    So today,  he comes home and tells he almost got a strike because I didn't sign the conference sheet.  (???)  He says that I think I have different rules.   I don't, but I can't do the impossible .  I know that there are going ti be some difficult issues in out mother/child relationship.  I hope and pray that when time passes, they'll look back on their childhoods and see that I loved them with all my heart and every thing I had, even though I wasn't there at every event and didn't do everything the way a typical mother did.  
I dread ….  Dalton starting middle school in the fall.
But I look forward ….  Spring break is next week!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Sunday - Spending Time with The Fam

dove 01 Today was another great Simply Sunday at the Barretts!  It started out hectic.  Everyone was grumpy and tired from losing an hour of sleep.  Sunday School was awesome; we're studying  Phillip-ans.  I love our class and I love sitting under the teaching of my husband.  In Church we learned about working out our own salvation. After church, Barrett stopped by Publix and got stuff to make subs for lunch.  The afternoon, we rode with Barreett over to look at a trailer with some other people from church.  Dalton didn't want to go; said he didn't want to "waste" his only day.  He threw a fit, so we went more or less to prove a point.  I wanted to go  and be all together.  Because I can't drive, I sometime go Sunday to Sunday without living my house, so if  I get the chance to "go" I usually take it!  But we also went because Dalton sometimes has an issue with obeying Mama.  So we went and he played til he got bored.   Well, then he said he didn't feel good.  So, we  come home and and he said he threw up- I think he spilt shampoo- wouldn't be the first time.  So, I feel bad when I don't believe - but also trust my    instincts.  He's already missed 6 days of school since January.   I do, and want to trust my  kids and I do feel deeply for them in times of need, however they do take advantage of this...Especially Dalton.  i feel like a bad Mama, but 9 time out of 10 I can tell when he's trying to  play me.  I did learn a few things from having 5 brothers!  Of course I want him to feel loved, safe and cherished; but I also want him to  be accountable and all.  Dalton is the  type of kid my mom WISHED that I would have -JUST LIKE ME!!!  So to stay that we butt heads is an understatement.  I think that may be why I'm so hard on him  -   because he is so like me!   HEHEHEHA!  How do you find the balance of how to be a good mother;   both loving   and structured...Ahhh, yes.  Just another Simple Sunday at the Barrett's!!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Frame of Mind Friday - Lazy nights at home

As I sit here on this quiet Friday night, I feel very blessed.  We're watching interviews of Stan Lee on Net Flixs - one of Dalton's hero of heroes!  Bobbye Sue's snuggled up beside me under her blankie using Maggie Sue as her pillow - and she's laying under her willingly!  She's such  a good dog for our fam!  Barrett's in his chair with his IPAD - He went in search of the IPAD 2 - but they were sold out :(  I'm sure he'll have one before long...LOL)  I so married a geek!!!  
      Anyway, we just sorta of all hanging out.  I must say I LOVE our quiet down time.  I ordered the kids' Easter gifts today from CBD.  Dalton is getting Micheal Pearl's "Good and Evil; The Bible as (a) Graphic Novel. He'll love it! I got Bobbe Sue the "God's Little Princess
Devotional Bible".  I need to do some research; think the kids want to do a passover meal this year.    


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Becoming a Woman of Grace - Chapter 3

- I love the quote on p. 27;  "Had Christ came directly after the fall, the enormity and deadly fruits of sin would not have been realized truly by man... "  This just stuck me as profound because if we didn't know the horror of sin,  how could we know and appreciate the grace of a savior.

-  The law isn't sin; it tells us what sin is.  If we don't tell our kids what not to do, how can we justify getting on to them when they do it.???

- The law was out guardian until Christ returns.

-I must admit I used to think the Old Testament was boring and a real waste of time to read.  But it is so reflective.  You can see Christ all through the Old Testament.  His rules have not changed,  we are still expected to "keep" the law, but God knows we are human and  cannot keep the law, so Christ expanded his grace to save us.

"Fulfills" means that Jesus paid the price for our sin.

The law in itself can not save us because it is just words; they have no power.  Only our faith through Christ can saver us.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The Home Keeper's Journal

In my kitchen this week …Not much, just trying to keep it clean.
Service is/is not something that is on my mind very much because … I'd like to do more, but physically I'm limited in what I can do.   Over the last couple of years I've tried of figure out what God wants me to do.  It may sound silly, but I feel like when I encourage people and pray for them I doing service.
There are times when my service seems …..I want to be able to do more.
I know I serve others when I ….. Can see peace in their life and eyes.
My service to others is most like Jesus when …. It's automatic and truly comes from my heart  rather than a what can you do for me attitude.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Silly Saturday & A Trip to "Little Homemaker's Beauty Shop

So it's been a chilly rainy Saturday.  The kids & I cleaned house this morning  Tonight I went to Bobbye Sue's Little Homemaker's Beauty's Shop.  She helped me color my hair.  She did a  really good job!   We made a video of Dalton  as Superman.  He's laying on a  table and looks like he's flying.  I love my kids, they're so creative!!!  I've been thinking and praying about maybe homeschooling  Dalton next year.  He'l start middle school in August.  Not sure why this scares me; but it does.  There's something about this  particular school that just doesn't sit well with me.  Barrett's not a big supporter of homeschooling, so this is something I have to totally leave it up to God.  I'm just gonna keep on praying about this and  I know if this is truly God's will Barrett will come into agreement with me.  And if not, then I'll have peace about sending baby  to middle school.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HOME KEEPER'S JOURNAL: Spring Time Changes

Homekeeper's Journal 3/1/2011

Spring Time Changes

In my kitchen this week... Dalton grilled fish tonight on the George Forman Grill.  It was so GOOD!!! And I really don't like fish.  Tomorrow I need to plan my menu for the next 2 weeks and make my grocery list, as I'll go to the store on Thursday. 

Changes I make to my home in spring...Open the window; bring in spring colors and fragrances.

Changes in my schedule...I actually just redid my schedule today.  Just need to be vigilant to follow it.

Changes in my yard....Not my field.  Bobbye Sue is itching to plant flowers - Granddaddy has found seeds through he's new hobby; "Dumpster Diving"  Dalton commented today that it was about time to mow the yard.

What I look forward to this spring...We may try to buy a pop up camper.  We sold our camper trailer this pay fall and have decided if we want to buy a camper or not.    We like camping, but think a pop up may be easier to use.

Spring brings with it....Longer days, more family time.  fresh air...Bobbye Sue is starting soccer  next week.  She's always wanted to play.  Have a question...Am I an official soccer mom, even though I can't drive a minivan??? LOL!

A sure sign of spring...Warmer weather!

A favorite spring activity...Sitting out on the swing with Barrett watching the kids play.

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