Friday, March 11, 2011

Frame of Mind Friday - Lazy nights at home

As I sit here on this quiet Friday night, I feel very blessed.  We're watching interviews of Stan Lee on Net Flixs - one of Dalton's hero of heroes!  Bobbye Sue's snuggled up beside me under her blankie using Maggie Sue as her pillow - and she's laying under her willingly!  She's such  a good dog for our fam!  Barrett's in his chair with his IPAD - He went in search of the IPAD 2 - but they were sold out :(  I'm sure he'll have one before long...LOL)  I so married a geek!!!  
      Anyway, we just sorta of all hanging out.  I must say I LOVE our quiet down time.  I ordered the kids' Easter gifts today from CBD.  Dalton is getting Micheal Pearl's "Good and Evil; The Bible as (a) Graphic Novel. He'll love it! I got Bobbe Sue the "God's Little Princess
Devotional Bible".  I need to do some research; think the kids want to do a passover meal this year.    


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