Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simple Sunday - Exciting Times!

Pray about it  Today was an awesome day at church.  We voted to open up the building fund to maybe start building in June.  We attend the church where Barrett went until he was 8 and his mama died.  We started going nine years ago,  Dalton was 3 and Bobbye Sue was 6 months old.  It became our home the day we walked in.  A lady told me later that everyone was watching us, asking; "Is  that our little Bryan?"  When we started, there were only about 30 members.  There's about 100 now.  It's and old church.  The sanctuary is fine.  Our biggest need it class  room and fellowship space, bathrooms and handicapped entrances.  

Well, about a week and a half ago Barrett found a web site that matches churches with volunteers that can help in building.  Well, he called and the woman who answered the phone asked if he was married to Heather.  She was my big sister in the service sorority that I was in college.  God is awesome!!!

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