Saturday, March 5, 2011

Silly Saturday & A Trip to "Little Homemaker's Beauty Shop

So it's been a chilly rainy Saturday.  The kids & I cleaned house this morning  Tonight I went to Bobbye Sue's Little Homemaker's Beauty's Shop.  She helped me color my hair.  She did a  really good job!   We made a video of Dalton  as Superman.  He's laying on a  table and looks like he's flying.  I love my kids, they're so creative!!!  I've been thinking and praying about maybe homeschooling  Dalton next year.  He'l start middle school in August.  Not sure why this scares me; but it does.  There's something about this  particular school that just doesn't sit well with me.  Barrett's not a big supporter of homeschooling, so this is something I have to totally leave it up to God.  I'm just gonna keep on praying about this and  I know if this is truly God's will Barrett will come into agreement with me.  And if not, then I'll have peace about sending baby  to middle school.

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