Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Praying for my kids

  I do pray for my kids, but I feel like sometimes I do a better job than others.  Is  this natural?  I'm currently listening to "The Power of a Praying Parent".  Its really opening my eyes to  somethings I've know and have let go astray, but it's has also brought to light something that I have never really thought about praying for.  One of them was to have a spiritual "spring cleaning"  of your house.  This is exciting to me as many of us here at CHK are going to be doing a true spring cleaning in the next few weeks.  I think I'm going to try to incorporate this too.  Also, one of my favorite prayer books is a  book that my BFF gave me about 6 years ago called "Praying God's Promises For You Children".  It's a beautiful little book that's divided up by topics/subjects with specific bible verses to pray for these topics.  This is one of my beloved books that i write in and mark up;  It holds notes and extensive prayer lists for Dalton, Bobbye Sue and Barrett.  

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