Thursday, March 10, 2011

Becoming a Woman of Grace - Chapter 3

- I love the quote on p. 27;  "Had Christ came directly after the fall, the enormity and deadly fruits of sin would not have been realized truly by man... "  This just stuck me as profound because if we didn't know the horror of sin,  how could we know and appreciate the grace of a savior.

-  The law isn't sin; it tells us what sin is.  If we don't tell our kids what not to do, how can we justify getting on to them when they do it.???

- The law was out guardian until Christ returns.

-I must admit I used to think the Old Testament was boring and a real waste of time to read.  But it is so reflective.  You can see Christ all through the Old Testament.  His rules have not changed,  we are still expected to "keep" the law, but God knows we are human and  cannot keep the law, so Christ expanded his grace to save us.

"Fulfills" means that Jesus paid the price for our sin.

The law in itself can not save us because it is just words; they have no power.  Only our faith through Christ can saver us.

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