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The Homekeeper's Journal 3/22/11

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In my Kitchen this week: Last night I cooked chicken with that new cream cheese cooking stuff from Philadelphia.  I wasn't impressed but it was OK.  Barrett and the kids seamed to like it.  I laid pork chops out for tomorrow but my mama just called and their coming to visit so I make take them to dinner.

In my Household Plans this week:  It's spring break, so our schedule's  off.  I'm just trying to enjoy my little people. Grandma's visiting tomorrow  They both  have dentist appointments on Thursday.  We're volunteering at the library on Friday and Bobbye Sue has her first soccer game Saturday

My off the cuff definition of Unity: Peace, It sometimes means agreeing to disagree; accepting others for who they are even though they are different from me.

The opposite of Unity: CHAOS!!!  A feeling of uneasiness.

Unity in my Home: Is Peace.  Laughter, even  mischievous play at times.

Unity in my Church:  It is much the same as it in our house.  We have some pretty big age gapes  in our church, which gets very interesting.   We are, hopefully, going to build an addition onto the church this summer.  It is very exciting and much needed.  But as  when  any project that involves more   than 1 person, there will be multi plural view  and opinions.  We're praying   for God's leading and guidance.     

Between a Husband and Wife, Unity:  I think this very individualized.  We have been studying the book of Phillipans  in Sunday School and a couple weeks ago we were talking about the husband/wife relationship.  It  was quite an interesting discussion. I truly do believe that Barrett is the "head"  of me and our family,  just as Christ is the "head" of the church.  I guess I'm kinda old fashioned, but I desire to be a biblical portrait of  of a godly wife and mama.  We always discuss things.  In the end, he has the last word.  But when we got married, we became one flesh.  I have confidence  that he will do the be  best for us.  This is not always easy, and sometime I have to just pray that Barrett and I come into agreement and totally submit to Him and   God.

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