Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Sunday - Spending Time with The Fam

dove 01 Today was another great Simply Sunday at the Barretts!  It started out hectic.  Everyone was grumpy and tired from losing an hour of sleep.  Sunday School was awesome; we're studying  Phillip-ans.  I love our class and I love sitting under the teaching of my husband.  In Church we learned about working out our own salvation. After church, Barrett stopped by Publix and got stuff to make subs for lunch.  The afternoon, we rode with Barreett over to look at a trailer with some other people from church.  Dalton didn't want to go; said he didn't want to "waste" his only day.  He threw a fit, so we went more or less to prove a point.  I wanted to go  and be all together.  Because I can't drive, I sometime go Sunday to Sunday without living my house, so if  I get the chance to "go" I usually take it!  But we also went because Dalton sometimes has an issue with obeying Mama.  So we went and he played til he got bored.   Well, then he said he didn't feel good.  So, we  come home and and he said he threw up- I think he spilt shampoo- wouldn't be the first time.  So, I feel bad when I don't believe - but also trust my    instincts.  He's already missed 6 days of school since January.   I do, and want to trust my  kids and I do feel deeply for them in times of need, however they do take advantage of this...Especially Dalton.  i feel like a bad Mama, but 9 time out of 10 I can tell when he's trying to  play me.  I did learn a few things from having 5 brothers!  Of course I want him to feel loved, safe and cherished; but I also want him to  be accountable and all.  Dalton is the  type of kid my mom WISHED that I would have -JUST LIKE ME!!!  So to stay that we butt heads is an understatement.  I think that may be why I'm so hard on him  -   because he is so like me!   HEHEHEHA!  How do you find the balance of how to be a good mother;   both loving   and structured...Ahhh, yes.  Just another Simple Sunday at the Barrett's!!!!!!

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