Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about This And That!
In My Kitchen this week……….. Today was my big monthly grocery trip so I spent the afternoon putting stuff up and cleaned out the fridge
In My Yard …….. Our Bradford Pear Treas are blooming!!!  I can see on  them from  my kitchen window.
I’ve been thinking …. V-A-C-A-T-O-N!!!  We'll be going to the Smokies June 6th-10th.   Started planning last week
What motivates me more than anything else ...When I feel good both physically AND mentally.   
My Devotional life and walk with Christ …. Could be so much better.!!! As I've spoke up many times in my blog I struggle with depression in the winter and too often the first thing that I let slide is  my personal time with God.  Spring is slowly coming around.  I am starting to listen  to more sermons and worship music, as well as pray and read more.
I struggle ….. That's a loaded question!!!  This week I've really been struggling with Mama Guilt.    I want to be a good mama; and I believe I am, but many times think or feel like I should be doing  more.  Satan uses this as one of his tactics to gets to me.  Most days I can act and feel like just a "NORMAL" mama, but sometimes a challenge comes up where  my disablity stands out and then I remember...Oh, maybe I'm not.    As the kids get older, especially Dalton, that don't like anything that makes them stick out.  Having a disabled mama is kind of like having a big pink elephant in the room.  The lastest is they are  having  parent/teacher confrences tomorrow.  He came in yesterday saying they said I had to have a confrence.  Since I don't drive, going to school for a 10  minute conference isn't very easy.  So I sent both his teachers an email saying if I needed to come in I would but that if we could communicate by phone or email (which we do) that'd be great.    So today,  he comes home and tells he almost got a strike because I didn't sign the conference sheet.  (???)  He says that I think I have different rules.   I don't, but I can't do the impossible .  I know that there are going ti be some difficult issues in out mother/child relationship.  I hope and pray that when time passes, they'll look back on their childhoods and see that I loved them with all my heart and every thing I had, even though I wasn't there at every event and didn't do everything the way a typical mother did.  
I dread ….  Dalton starting middle school in the fall.
But I look forward ….  Spring break is next week!!!

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