Friday, March 25, 2011

Frame of Mind Friday - Reflections of Spring Break

It's been spring break week!  We've had a good one.  On Tuesday, we went to the library and then we walked to the park, not my best idea!  Let's just say  Granddaddy came to our rescue again.  Thursday both the kids had dentist appointments - Bobbye Sue had to be sedated.  Today went back to the library to volunteer in  order to work off some fines.    (I know it's sad for us to have library fines when Barrett works right next to the library -    but we won't go there!)  Then we walked up to meet Barrett at the radio station.  We went to IHOP and spend the night watching movies...The week definitely renewed my love for being my kids mama. 

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  1. I am glad you guys had a good week... sometimes being stuck at home for a week is a wonderful thing! We were home all week as well! Good job on doing all the walking with them!


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