Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - I Want to Be a Prayer Warrior - part 1

Well, today's THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY.  We've had VBS all this week and it was fantastic!!!  Last night we had a guest speaker; a woman who lived in Honduras for a year and worked at the children's home there.  Such an amazing testimony!!!   I was asking if there were many disabled childrem in Honderuas.  She said that while there are some kids with some mental disablities, but at this time, the children's home isn't equipped at this time to care for children with phsically disablities - but that there are  praying to  be able to soon.  She asked me to prayer for this need.

This got me thinking.  I really want to go back what I believe is on of my be a prayer warrior!!!

All my life, I've wanted to do is to server God and make Him.  Yes ~ I know ~ that I, in myself, cannot make God happy.  But I do believe that when we are obedident and follow God's will for our life ~ that we can and do please God.

Sometimes ~ too many time actuallly - I think of my Ceberal Palsey as a hinderance; that it keeps me  from serving God.  But truth; it only hinders me from servving Him the way I think I'm suppose.  But I have to realize that many of th ways I think I'm suppose to serve isn't what he intended me to do.

Monday, June 27, 2011

VBS - Searching for Jesus in Honderus

This week is Vacation Bible School.  We are looking for Jesus in Honderus.  One of the teanagers and her mom went on a mission trip there last Thanksgiving.   She helping me teach (well, she teaching and I'm her"helper") the mission class.  Tonight, she showed pictures of her  trip.  We are collecting Crocks to send to Honderus.  We're using the poem "Footprints in the Sand as a "theme".  So tomorrow night we are tracing our "foot prints" on poster boards and sign them.  We'll  send these to   Honderus too.  I'm really learning how very blessed I am.   On  Wedenesd day we have another guess speaker ~ a woman who lived in Honderus for a year.  They live closed to the dump and have planted a huge garden that can feed 1000 + people per  month...GOOD STUFF!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bobby Sue's Bedroom Prayer.

Lord, I'm so thankful that this is the room we were able to bring Bobbye Sue home too almost nine years ago.  This room has surrounded and nurtured her.   I pray that it may continue to be a place of comfort; where she can live grow  and dream.  May it also be a refuge when the storms of life hit and seam to crash in upon her.  May her room supply her a place to be creative - Help her to grow up and to be- Your word said that You knitted her together in my womb.  Lord please help me to respect her privacy.  But help her to understand that when I do invade her privacy, it is for her best interest.  Please help me to remember that she is a gift from You  and help me to always love and care for her as You love and care for me.  In Your Holy Name I pray...Amen

Dalton's Bedroom Prayer

Dear God, This has been Dalton's room for many years, and I hope it will be for many to come.  Lord, help this room to be a sanctuary for him to live and grow in.  Please do not let anything ungodly or sinful enter into this room.  Protect and guard Dalton from all temptations.  If and when he is tempted, pleas give him wisdom and strength to do the right thing.  Please help me to respect his privacy, but help him to also understand that because I do love and care for him so much, there may be times when I need to invade on his privacy.  Please help me to always remember that he is an individual; uniquely created in God's image.  I know he is a gift from you to me.  Please help me to care for and raise him according to your standards.   In Your Holy Name I pray...Amen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sun (Family) Room Prayer

Father God, Please join whenever we are in this room.  May it be a place for comfort, relaxation and growth.  Help us to always leave our trouble at the door.  May  the TV ~ like the computer(s) ~ not become an idol.  May we only watch good shows on it.   

The Study Room/ Computer Room Prayer

Father God, Please watch of the kids as the kids  study in here  Please Lord, open their minds and hearts for learning.  This rooms also holds the family computer.  May it not become an idol.  May it only offer good things.  Teach us wisdom in using it and may we only use it as tool to glorify you...Amen

Dining Room Prayer

God, the center of this room is the table.  I pray we all gather around it for years to come.  May we always remember to give thanks for the food on this table and please bless the conversation that surronds it.  May the food we eat upon it always nourish our body as you O God nourish our soul...Amen

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Lil' Country Star

Check out Bobbye Sue singing "Coat of Many Colors" at Grandma's!!


In a online magizine.  Go to Ruby for Women

Twistable Tuesday - Life at Grandma's

Summer rolls on...This week is a bit out of the norm for us.  Dalton had 4-H camp and Barrett had to chance to go with him for a couple of days.  So, Bobbye Sue and I snuck off stay with my Mama for the week.  She lives about an hour from us.  We get to see them ever couple of months and the kids go stay with her in the summer.  It's been about 6 years since I've spent a whole week with Mama - she can and stayed a week after I had my hip replacement.
Anyway, it's good to see her, my step dad & most of my brothers.  I got to meet my 2nd niece, Presley - she's a month old.  I'm meeting a cyber friend face-to-face tomorrow & hopefully will get to hook up with another friend too.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


It's a Privilege and an honor
     to serve my God
As a wife and a mama.
Many people don't think of a this as a noble calling anymore.
     But they are wrong.
My husband and my kids are gifts from above;
     I am to love them and care for them the best I can.
Though I may not be the typical woman
    I know that God will give me all I need to love and care for them.

Thankful Thursday - My kids

Hey all!  I feel so behind in my writing.  But this is my kids' time.  It's already mid June - times flies when you're going CRAZY!!! 
No, my kids ar truly a blessing from God and I truly don't want to miss the precious time that God has given me with them.  I wish I could say I see each day; each moment as a gift.  But I can't.   They're are allowed to sleep as long as they want - mainly because when they're asleep they're not fighting.

 |wonder if God ever wishes that we would just be queit and go to sleep so He can have some peace.  I mean, I love my kids, but there are times when just the thought of taking care of my kids just compleaty EXHAUSTS me.  But I know that God will give my the ablity to parent the and I must admit that I'm very thankful that God is 10,000X the parent I will ever be and that He extends more love, patience and grace to me than I could ever imagine to give to my kids.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Had A Great Vacation

Haven't blogged in a while. I don't get to write as much in the summer. We spent the last week on vacation in the Smokies. We went The Wilderness At the Smokies"; a water park resort. So much fun. We went to the Acqurim and to the Ripley's Muuseme - not worth the trip! Had a blast at Dollywood! Then wee stayed nights in a cabin. It was relaxing. No it's time to get serious again. LOL