Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - COUNT YOUR BLESSING,


   1)  My husband Barrett - who loves me even thru my craziness.
2.  Dalton- who is the child wished upon me when I was growing up and my mama always said; "I hope you have a child JUST LIKE YOU!
3)  Bobbye Sue - who my look like Stacia but is really just a miniature Barrett.
4.  My wonderful father in law who I don't think knew when we got married that he was going to be "Driving Mrs. Heather".
5) Holly Grove - our amazing church home and family.
6.  A house we love: My prayer is to leave only in a pine box - but give me a few more years!
7) My brothers - OK, here's what just came to mind.  Jimmy carrying me and running all the way back home after I fell and sliced my hand in the pond!
8.  My sister - definitely a worthwhile blessing to our family.
9.  My sept-dad; Yep, I owe you a Chinese supper. 
10.  My mama - who I said I'd never be like, but I'm grateful I'm becoming more and more like every day.

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