Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Made to Crave - Chapter 7 - I'm Not Defined By The Numbers

1.  What mode do you kick into when you feel like you don't feel like you measure up?  I usually go one of two ways:  I either go into the "I have to prove I can do this if its the LAST thing I EVER do." mode or the "I should really focus on something else" mode.

2.  If you could clearly hear God's word to you throughout the day, what kind of things would you want to hear Him say?  I'd like to hear him say that He loves me no matter what and that everything I do doesn't have to be perfect. 
    What specifically would you like to hear God say about your weight and your issues with food?  I'd like to hear Him say that I am beautiful no matter what I look like or how much I weigh.  I would to hear Him encourage me.  I mean I know He's always encouraging me, but sometimes I'd like to hear it in an audible voice.

3.  Do you feel like you have everything you need from God to overcome your struggle with food?  Yes

4.  How do the the number on the scale impact you self worth?  No much as to all,   my others physical aspects, due to the CP,  seam  to effect my self-worth more than my weight.

5. What self-defending thoughts or hurtful comments from others run through you mind when it comes to food?  That I'm fat and that I'm not that pretty.  
     What insight and prospective do gain when you ask these questions?
      - Is this true? No, because I was made in God's image.
      - Is this beneficial?   No, it actually hinders progress because when I have negative thoughts it makes it harder to get motivated and to get things done.    
     -Is this necessary? No, because I know that I am a child of God, and am judge by my heart and not my outward appearance.

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