Friday, February 7, 2014

Made To Crave - Chapter 6 - Growing Closer to God

1.  What is your response to the idea that we grow closer to God when we deny ourselves something that's permissible but not beneficial?  This is so true.  Love the quote from Steal Magnolia's; "What doesn't kills us makes us stronger." I think that I very seldom truly deny ourselves something, then we are to do something in order to honor God.  I must admit I don't always do this.  If I give up drinking cokes, then not only do I replace the coke with something different but as I do, I need to dedicate it to God or praise Him also, and most time I fail to do this.
     Have you ever experience being drawn closer to God by denying ourselves something?  Yes and it was awesome.  Like I said, I should do it A LOT more!!!
     Do you believe this could be true of you in your battle with food? YES!!!
2.  Are there areas in you life in which you experience self control and feel like your self discipline and wise choices honor God?  Yes, most definitely.  My life is a lot more peaceful, our home runs better and my family is happier.  
      What insights about your strengths in those areas might held you to honor God and grow in self-control with you food choices?  They can  remind me that I just need to keep being patient and trusting in God, and I know He'll help me succeed. 
3. Have you ever had the experience of the Holy Spirit nudging you  in connection with your food choices? Yes, but sadly I must admit I don't listen most time.
  If no, how do you hope the Holy Spirit might help you now?  That He reminds me and gives me the courage to do what I need to do.
4.    To what degree have your consuming thoughts of food impact your ability to pursue your calling and receive spiritual nourishment? Greatly, because not only do I not always make right healthy choices, but sometimes I just don't eat and if effects my energy level.
5.  Would you say your spiritually well fed, spiritually malnourished or somewhere in between?  Right now I'm feeling well fed.  Since the New Year, I really been trying to stick with morning and nightly devotions.  I also try to listen to sermons throughout the day.  
     Have you ever tried to use food to satisfy you spiritual hunger? YES
     What was the result?  I never truly get full. I get depressed, I feel guilty.  I feel lonely and just generally not good about myself. 

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