Thursday, February 20, 2014

Made to Crave ~ Chapter 12 ~ Curse of the Skinny Jeans

1.    What fantasies do you have about what life would be like at your ideal weight?  I would be able to walk better.  Barrett would keep saying how pretty I was and I’d just feel better.

Why do you think your weight has so much power to influence your outlook on life?  We live in a society that is more or less governed by what we look like.  If we don’t fit into that special mold, we don’t feel “normal”.  I struggle more with my CP with this than my weight.  No one wants to be the “odd my out”.  All my life, I’ve been judged by how I look, talk and walk.  Is it fair; no.  Is it normal; yes.  It isn’t until we can see ourselves and others as God see us, that we truly see who we are in Him and realize how much He loves us.

2.   What activities do you join in part or because of the foods that are associated with them?  Oh, there are so many!  Movies and popcorn, Christmas parties and favorite family treats.  Going on with my best friend and getting coffee.  Going to a church fellowship and know that you-know-who made her infamous dish…

What activities might lose attraction for you if food wasn’t involved?   Uhm, probably a lot more than I can think of right now.
3.   What other things besides God have you tied to your happiness?  My physical ability, whether or not people like me.  The behavior of my kids, the approval or disapproval by my husband…The list goes on.

Do you think it’s possible to be filled with joy even though you’re not where you want to be with you weight?  Theologically yes, but not until I can see myself as God sees me.

4.   Who are the incomplete people in your life?  I think the people I’m around the most are the ones I see as incomplete; mainly my husband and kids.

Are these people triggers to make you eat?  Yes, sometimes.

Are there ways you might be the incomplete person in someone’s life?  YES.

Are you able to look beyond people’s incompleteness to see their pain?  Sometimes, when I’m abiding in Jesus and his word, I’m able to be more understanding and sensitive to the needs than I am if I’m not.

5.    What do you think of the incomplete people in your life?  I want to fix them and to make them to become like me.

How might a compassionate act of kindness change the way you feel about the incomplete person?  I think that anytime we can get out of ourselves and truly serve and give to someone else, then we’re going to understand them better.

How might it change how you feel about yourself and your on incompleteness? When we truly focus on the gifts that God has blessed us with and not our flaws, then I think we can be happier and allow Him to work through us.

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