Monday, April 4, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - Praying the ABC's FOR MY LITTLE PEOPLE

My friend  Ella introduced me to the A to Z blog challenge at Tossing It Out.  I think I'll try it.  I may not post every day, but will try to post a couple of post a week.    But I'm going to add my only little "twist" to it.  I've been really impress to pray more fervently for my kids.   There is no major problem.  I've been  listening "The Power of a Praying Parent." by Stormie Ormartian.    It really had just reinforce the importance of praying   for my kids

Alphabet for ATTITUDE...I think it's so ultimately important to pray for kids attitudes.  I especially feel this way as my kids are entering their teen and preteen years.  I know that as they grow they have to test the waters for themselves and choose for themselves how the want to react to a certain issue.  I can  give them my opinion, but they ultimate have to make the decision.  My kids are 11 and 8 -  so they are best friends and worst enemies  at the same time.      A couple of weeks age Dalton was so angry he said;   "I hate Bobbye.  I wish she was never born."  I quickly told him that he was not to say this again.  He said: "Mama, you can control what I say, but how I feel."...He is right I can't control or change how he feel.   He loves his sister VERY much; I know this.  I have 5 brothers and two  sisters - we didn't always get along.  Mama used to tell us we needed to be best friends; because friends will come and go but siblings will always have you back.  I must say, I love watching Mama and her brother interact...they've come a long way from when she used to leave him on top of buildings to go play with her friends.
         Father God, please help my kids to have good, positive attitude.  It isn't about them always being happy - but please help them to be able to take whatever life throws at them with stride.  Help them to trust you and all time and to pray before they go off and react in haste.  Please give them a heart of mercy towards others.  Help them, Lord to understand that their ways may not always be Your will; but help them to understand that Your will is always right.   In Your holy, heavenly name. I pray.  Amen

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