Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - F is for Friends

Alphabet Bears  is for friends!  This is something I pray constantly; especially  as my little people grow up and start  to figure out who they are.  They are going to need people to lean on in their life...People to encourage them and balance them; people who can challenge them and help them to be  a better person.  I also pray that God sends them friends that may not know God that may kids may witness to  them.  The friends - especially those that they will make during the next years will be some of the most influential people in the life.  As they grow up, my little people need to discover who they are for themselves not who they are in Mama's and Daddy's shadows.  I may not like  all the 
choices that they, or their friends make.  My job is to prayer for them, offer them the best advice I can and to try to live my life in a godly manner as example to them 
        O Lord,  Please watch over my little people and help to a;ways do Your will and seek Your guidance.   Pleas give them good friends who will be there to help guide them and encourager them to be the people that you want to be.  Please help them to also be encouraging to theirs friends.  If their friends do not no you,  Please allow them them be a light to help lead them to you.  In  Your Holy Name, I pray, Amen

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