Monday, April 25, 2011

Fried pickles Fit

OK, Just need to talk this out, please.  Tonight, I took the kids and granddaddy (who sat in the truck)   to Captain D's.  Dalton had wanted fried pickles.  Well, in the process of ordering, there was a miscommunication between the lady who took our order, him and I: She told him it would cost extra and  showed him what he could get as sides,  He said OK, assuming he would get the pickles.  Well somehow the pickles didn't get ordered.  Well, instead of nicely if he could order them, he got ugly and started throwing a fit, and said he wasn't;t does it and wanted to go out to the truck.  It was quite a scene.  Then Bobbye Sue got involved .  She went and told them that we wanted an order of pickle.  I politely told the lady "No thank you."  and explained to Bobbye Sue that she couldn't override me like that.  She turned on her big puppy dog eyes and said;  "Mama, I was just trying to be a good sister.: :cry:  I told her I knew that, but she need to let me be the mama.  Anyway, all the way home Dalton continued to fuss.  This of course upset DFIL.  I feel he think I'm a bad mother.  But I have to do what I think is best for them and giving in to them doesn't work.  They have to respect me.  I know Dalton  is growing up  and trying to figure  out who he is.  We had a(nother) long talk when we got home.  He said I don't love him.  I told him I did and that I pray, and cry and fret over him more than anything.  I told him my job is to raise him, not to bend to his every whim.  I told him that he may not really see how much I really love him until he's an adult and has kids.  I really think our talk planted a seed and In fact he called me from Granddaddy's before bed to say was really sorry and he loved me.    He's such a good kid and I know growing up is hard...All I can do is pray to the greatesr father of all.   I felt peaceful today, I usually feel like such I bad mama, but I just have this great sense of peace today that holding my ground  was the right thing to do

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