Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - C is for Confession

Alphabet Bearsis for CONFESSION. Confession is 1) An open profession of faith (Luke 12:8). (2.) An acknowledment of sins to God (Lev. 16:21; Ezra 9:5-15; Dan. 9:3-12), and to a neighbour whom we have wronged (James 5:16; Matt. 18:15).  Confession is a very important aspect of our relationship with God.  It's the first step we take after God calls us to follow Him.  And its an act they we  will have  to  take this step many times throughout our lives.  Confession   does not alway easy or natural, in fact  it usually doesn't.  Confession isn't for God's benefit, but ours.  God is omniscient. He knows all of our sin before we even think about committing them.  Some people may even use this as a reason not to confess; saying if God already knows what I've  done  then why should I confess?  We confess to show our repentance and seek forgiveness.  We know that as followers of Christ, ALL of sins were forgiven when Jesus shed His blood for our salvation.  However there is something in our soul that yearns to get out when we have sinned; and the only way for it to get out it through confession to God. 
      O Father God.  Thank you so much that you sent Your only Son to die for our sins.  We know that once we place our faith in You, that we are forgiven before we even think about sinning.  Lord, help my kids to understand the importance and even to true gift of confession.  I just pray lord that there hearts may not feel at rest until they confess to You.   In Your Holy Name I pray...AMEN

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