Friday, April 8, 2011

A to Z Blog Challenge - D is for Daddy

Alphabet Bears  is for their relationship with the good, good DADDY!!!   Barrett is such a great husband and father.  Being married to someone who is physically is not always easy.  He sometimes feel like he has 3 kids instead of 2.  (& it's not because I act like a kid ~ well, sometimes I do...LOL).   Barrett is the youngest of  6 boys;  there's a 10 year age difference between him and the next youngest.  .  His mom died when he was 8, and he lived with his dad until he and I got married.   So needless to say; having a kid was a BIG adjustment for Him.  Dalton was a very STRONG-WILLED child from the get go.  It's always been the batter of the wills.  He has to shoulder most of the discipline with the kids.  Being a parent is tough.   Sometimes we  feel like all the "hard" jobs of parenting and feel like we miss out on many of many of it "joys"  However, it's in our teaching and discipline that will help them to become  good  adults.
        Dear God.  Thank you for the blessing of my husband and my children.   Please just bless their relationships and created a bond in them that can not be broken.  Allow to just learn to trust and understand each other.  Teach how to love each other.  Holy Father, Please help Barrett and help him  to follow your example in how a father should love his kids.  In your Holy Name I pray,  Amen.

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