Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dining Room Prayer

God, the center of the dining room is the table.   Help us to always remember to give thanks for the food on the table.  May it always bring health to our bodies.  Please bless the conversation that surrounds our table.  May we all gather around the table for years to come.  

 Lord, this room also holds the little people's computer.  I pray that it won't become an idol in their lives.  May it only bring good and godly things into our home.  Please teach us wisdom in using the computer and may everything we do on it glorify You.  Please help my kids understand that the computer can offer a lot of dangerous things, and that by limiting their computer time and checking on their computer use;  I'm doing so in order to protect them..  As they mature, help me trust them more.

In Your Holy Name I prayer...Amen.

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