Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today’s Journal is all about Winter and what you do to make your home warm, inviting, comfortable and the things you struggle with in the Winter.

In my Winter Kitchen…As the new year starts, we are trying to eat healthier. So I'm trying to fix warm, hearty meals.

The hardest part about Winter for my household is ….Business and basket ball! Bryan announces high school ball games and is gone 2 night a week plus Saturday morning. It gets even more hectic as tournaments roll around. Dalton just started basket ball practrice on Tuesday night and has his first game this Saturday.

My favorite Winter time meal is….Papa's Cow Tail soup. It's a vegetable soup made with beef. It was my grandfather's recipe. I make it with ground turkey.

I Do/Do Not (choose one) tend to be depressed in the Winter…..
I am bi-polar and do suffer from depression and it definitely gets worse in the winter. I tend to sleep a lot. I'm disabled and the cold weather makes my body hurt, which doesn't help the depression.

A favorite Winter time activity my family enjoys is …. Play Wii
To help my home look and feel inviting in the Winter….burning candles, esp Pumpkin Spice.

How I dress to stay warm ……Long sleeve shirts, sweaters. I love my bath robe We keep the house pretty warm, though.

One really important health rule for the Winter time I’d like to share ….Use lotions to prevent dry skin.


  1. Popping over to visit from CHK. Thanks for sharing your journal.

  2. I am with you on this time of year being harder. Flynn is a CPA so I am about on my own til April 15! My other blog has easy dinner ideas... try some! It is on the side bar on my blog...The family that eats together.

    Good luck! I will be praying for you!

  3. Just stopping in for a visit.

    Your last statement about lotions and dry skin....boy am I feeling that right now!


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