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Homekeeper's Journal:All About My Home Sweet Hom

The Homekeeper's Journal 1/19/11

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This week's journal is all about Home.

In my homey kitchen:   As it it after supper, there's not much going on in my kitchen except a sink full of dirty dishes  screaming to be washed.  Can't you hear them???   The kitchen is truly the heart of our home  and it seams like chaos avails there,  but I love it!

My thoughts on being at home:  It's my calling.  I truly believe  My job is to be a good wife and mother.  I do at times feel very alone, but this is  more due to my disability and the fact that I can't drive and am home bound for the most part.   Sometimes it does seam as a prison.  My freedom is limited, as is the freedom my children, because of my CP.  However, it is also a safe heaven.  I am in control (for the most part)  of my home.  It's where I can be  myself and can teach my children about God and our values.

A constant habit I have of keeping my home comfortable is: I try to keep my  house clean, clothes clean and good food   on the table.  I really try to keep a peaceful spirit in the house - this is  hard between a big brother and a little sister.

If I could change the decor in my home: Not much, we pretty much have it like we want it.  The inly thin that I would like to do is raise our sunroom to be on the same level as the rest of the house.  Right now is down 3 stairs.  While I can walk a bit, I worry about falling.
What I want my children/spouse/other family to remember about my home is:  I want them to feel peace and love here.  I want this to be a sanctuary for them; an escape from the world's  chaos.   I want it to be a place where   they can  be free to be themselves.

Home:   To me home  is a feeling.  My parents separated when I was  17 and   so the home was broken  I would  stay with my    BFF as often as possible.  In college I lived in dorms, and although I would catch glimpses of home  every now and then with different friends, It wasn't until I met Bryan that I truly felt at home.  I love the house we live in, but he and the kids are what make it a home.

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  1. love your blog especially the part about home. very good! may God continue to bless you and your family abundantly and may Papa God reveal Himself to you more and more everyday.


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