Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simple Sunday

OK, so it's Sunday night and I've just watching TV, blogging and catching up on computer stuff.     I really plan to get up and start the week running.  With the holiday, sick days and snow days last week & the week before, I've really gotten of track with the house and laundry and such.  More snow is in the forecast,  so I really need to take advantage of my "alone day" tomorrow to get caught up with things.  I want to focus on several things this week;  I want to work on  my menu planner, my prayer journal.  I want to go through my closet. I really want to finish up a  chapter of  a story I'm wrighting and I need to do a better time with just having alone time with God.  I'm thinking maybe Coffee time with God.  Does this sound  lame?

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