Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whimsically Wednesday - Rethinking Some Things.

OK, so first of all can't winter be over yet?  I think it should only last from Thanksgiving to New Year's then we should go back to normal whether AKA - 70s!  I use to think my Nanny was nuts when she use to talk about how the cold whether made her feel  bad.  It gets into your bones and causes your muscles to stiffen up and hurt.  Plus I really get tired and more depressed in the winter time and my body craves sleep.  I think I should hibernate like  a (TEDDY) bears.  Always knew they were  my favorite for a reason! :)
     So anyway, I've been thinking about some things - other than  sleep!  I have a busy mind - It probably works 3 times faster than my body (LOL)!  I have already great thoughts and ideas but most of them are not practical at this time in my life.  This goes back to me always comparing myself to others and thing that they have stuff all figured out.  I really think that God is calling on me to concentrate solely on my family and my  home at this time.  My biggest addiction in life is to buy books.  Who knew? A writer who loved  books.  When I was in school I could read 6  books at one time.  Can't hardly do that anymore..  Anyway I was listening to "Midday Connection" yesterday and they're going through Marcia Ramsland's "A Simple Life".  It's a seven week process of getting your home in order.  Midday's doing it in 14 weeks.    So of course I ordered the book and workbook!  LOL!, Anyway, I started to think of all this other stuff - good stuff - that I wanted to do this year; But I really need to put Barrett and the little people first.  Yes, I still want blog and do Face Book and all this other stuff but what are my priories?  I want to finish Ken Gire's "Windows to the Soul." and I want to reread Debi Pearl's "Created To Be His Help Meet.  I want to write and feel like when I write things out,   peace comes in to my chaos.  I need to stop trying to   be who I think everyone want me to  be and start being who God wants me to   be and rely on him to give me everything I need to accomplish is

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  1. YAY!! To being YOU!! I find when I am really me and not the person I think people want me to be, they like "me" better. :) Good stuff! :)


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