Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

It's Thursday night of what's been a  long, snowy week.  Tomorrow is the first day they've been to school last Friday.  It almost seams pointless for them to go tomorrow, since Monday is a holiday, but since Rutherford County only has about 11 built in snow days.   Many Tennessee counties have already used  their alloted day can miss and already are staying that they are going to have go on  holidays and/or over  spring break.
      We did have a really good.  The kids were mostly good and did most of their chores.  My sister-in-law is coming in the morning to help me clean.  Even though I'm going to really try to keep my house clean this year; it really helps when she comes every couple of weeks to help me with the heavy cleaning, she hasn't been since before Christmas.

I'm going to start posting what I'm thankful on Thursday; so here goes:

~ I'm married to my best friend.
~We have 2 wonderful blessing from God.
~We live a nice, WARM house.
~Barrett has a good job that he loves.
~Mr. Barrett is in good health and active at 73.
~We have good families.
~We have an awesome church family.
~We're in good health.
~OUR GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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