Friday, January 21, 2011

Frame of Mind Friday - Snow Days

       OK, so as I'm trying to figure out a good blogging routine.  I've noticed that many blogs I follow have a set topic for every day  off the week (or at least the regular days they blog).  I kind of like this idea.  So that  being said, I'm introducing...Frame Of Mind  Friday!  

      Today was a(another) snow day!  This our 6th snow day this year. We only have  10 built in days and it's only January!!!  It's been sort of a long week!  They were out of school Monday,  then Dalton was home sick on Wednesday and Thursday  and then they were out for the SNOW.  Anyway, we had a good day.  We played school and just hung out at home.   I so love my little people, though it's tiring at times and I have this vision of what the "perfect mom" that I cannot fulfill.    I got to remember I'm here to  fulfill God's will, not mine!

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  1. Happy background! I like the hearts! Keep that positive attitude! Hope you and your little ones are enjoying your days together!


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