Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twistable Tuesday

OK, so  it's Tuesday and I just wanted to blog a bit.  Slept late this morning.  Don't know why I'm so  LAZY.  Dalton came home sick from school, so I guess the stomach virus has  struck the Barrett  household.   My first instinct is to run and hide, but I guess as Mama I'm not aloud to do that am I????  I'm  going to get up and scrub the house.  I really need to get into my studies more.   I feel like with all the snow days last week, I still feel I've haven't officially started my new year yet.  I having deja vu of last year, where between bad weather, holidays, and sickness, I don't think  both kids went to  school a full week  until mid to late February.    I just  hate to work on writings while the kids are home;  it takes my time, energy, and attention away from my kids:  They are my main priory.  As much as   I love and want to write, my first job is to be a good wife and mother.   One day they will be all grown  up and won't need their Mama (much) anymore,  then I'll have time  to write and do other things.  No matter what else  I do in my life, nothing will ever compare to being a wife and Mama.   Please God, don't ever lett me forget this!

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