Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about TIME……

In My Winter Kitchen its time to ……….
Clean out cabinets.  My sister-in-law gave me a bunch of canned food before Christmas.  I do appreciate it but we just don't use a lot  can stuff.  So I need to go through an organize it.  
My biggest Time-Waster seems to be ……..My first reaction is to say sleep.  I love to sleep,  especially in the winter.  I think I'm part bear and I have a tendency to want to hibernate.  But on second thought I think I get easily distracted and lose my focus.  I really need to ask God  to help me with this.
I do/do not view Time as a gift from God and here is why……Yes, I do.  Although I believe like I really abuse the gift and don't appreciate is nor use it like I should.
When others are slow or dawdle I ………It depends on whether they are truly having a difficult time or if the just goofing off.  I try to be patient, because I want people to have patience with me.  Unfortunately, the two people I have the least  patience with are the two people I need to have the most patience with:  Dalton and Bobbye Sue.    Too often I expect them to live my life my way.   On of my sayings is: "This is my world; you just live here!"  I really need to change the way i think of this.  
One way that I make good use of time in my household is …..Be intentionally!  When I'm truly trying to be a good homemaker and stay on top of things, I use my time more wisely and have more time for my family.


  1. like the new background! Good post! Things do run more smoothly when us mommies are focused!

  2. I completely understand when you talk about the hibernation. I think that I am like that too. I am just getting the chance to visit from Sylvia's blog. I hope you come and visit my blog as well:

    Thoughts Of A Working Mom


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