Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1o Things I Want to Change in My Marriage

One of my favorite books is "Created to be  His Help Meet" by Debi Pear.  Had the book for years; it was one of those books that was all high lighted up and had personal  notes in it.  Somehow I've misplaced it.  So I bought another one and have started to reread.  Before you  start reading, Mrs. Pearls suggest you write down the 10 things you want to change an or improve in you marriage.
Here are mine:

1)  Pray for Barrett more
2)  Listen better
3)  Obey without question
4)  Be more available to Barrett
5)  Know and fulfill most of Barrett's needs and desires                 
6)  Create a welcoming and relaxing home for Barrett
     and the kids
7)  Prepare good, healthy meals for them.
8)  Respect Barret at all times and show it. 
9)  Stop comparing us to other couples
10) Stop bombarding Barrett with pity things.

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