Monday, January 17, 2011

Rambling Monday

It  was a good weekend.  Dalton spent the night with a friend Friday, so Bobbye Sue and I had a "Girl's Night In."  Saturday Dalton had a basket ball game that afternoon and then we  had a delayed Christmas Party with our  Sunday School class - it was just too hectic to do it during the actually holiday season.  I love out church friends!!!  Yesterday, we had a deacon meeting and lunch at church on Sunday Them I  had my first great fall of 2011.  I fell down 3 steps coming out of the kitchen.  My  shirt got caught in the   railing of the stairs and I twisted and fell, and I fell and kissed the asphalt.  skinned my hand and my knee.  I don't bounce back   like I did when I was young.  Today was good,  Kids were out of school.

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