Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where does God want Me???

OK, so today's the 4th full day of school and I'm wondering what to do with myself.  There's so much stuff I want to and need to do, but I just feel lost and lazy with my kids.  I'm lonely.  I long for interaction with others.We serve this awesome God and I know He has a purpose for me... but am I ignoring it?  I get so caught up in the things that I physically can't do, that I don't concentrate and do what I can.  I know after 30 + years I should be able to accept my limitations.  But we live in such a fast pace society now days.  If you're not constantly on the move. you unproductive.  This is Satan trying to still my joy!  No one can pray for, love or serve Barrett and my kids better than I can..  I know if I continue to seek and serve Him, that God will use me in incredible ways. In fact, when I'm living in self and feel disheartened.  I can't truly glorify God, which is what he created me to do above anything else.  Lord, please help me to be the wife and mama you ordered me to be!!!

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