Thursday, September 23, 2010

Profound Simplicty

I am going through the bible study "Becoming a Woman of Simplicity" by Cynthia Heald with an online group.  Hear are my thoughts from chapter 1.
I just got the Book yesterday.  It was funny because I was starting that I was going to get behind with the study, LOL!  And almost immediately, the  running theme of the book to was to stop comparing my self to others!  As a disabled women, I feel I spend the majority of my time trying not so much to compete with "normal" woman but to live up to the "standard" set by the society.  it seams like such a simple standard, yet one I constantly miss the mark because it's not the standard God has chosen for me.  I love the very first definition of simplicity in the book; "A life where time is considered to be a gift from a benevolent king and not a burden from a harsh taskmaster." (Preface)  My life is a gift from God, my husband and my children are a gift from God.  I did not earn them, nor do I have to work to keep these gifts.  I do have to love and care for them, but this shouldn't b e work for me.  It should be a joy.  God will give me what I need to provide for them.  Too often I feel guilty because I'm resting or spending time with Barrett when I should be doing something else.  Now, yes I do have an obligation to keep a reasonably clean house and such, but when  I let that over take my primary goal of loving God and caring for my family, then I have done it in vain and it will produce no fruit.

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