Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unshakable Simplicity

In this chapter we learn that Jesus has overcome the world (Matthew 7:24-27) and that we can take heart even when we are in the middle of hard times. Most Christian women though seem to respond to hard times in a fleshly way.  Why do you think that is? I think it is natural in times of trails and stress to go back to our sinful nature and react to things in fear and sometimes not such a lady-like way.
Is Christ Jesus a reality to you in the way that that Oswald Chambers described on page 43 of our book? Yes

What is your favorite verse for helping you respond to hard times and troubles? MMMMMMMMM. I've got several... The two coming to mind right now are Psalm 23 an Philippians 4:13 ~ which I have chosen as my life verse.

Do you believe God is faithful?  Try to phrase your answer without using a "but" or "however". I know God because the life. My parents were told at the time of my birth that I wouldn't live, and if I did live I would be a vegetable; I was expected to just special ed system in school, I have a BSW. My dreams of a husband and were mocked. On November 7, Barrett and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary. We have two great kids. None of this do I deserve or have I earned on my own. When Bobbye Sue was 2 I had a hip replacement. My right hip haddn't formed right. It didn't bother me until after I had Dalton and after I had Bobbye Sue I couldn't walk at all. I know God kept this hidden because had I had my hip replacement any earlier, I would not have had my babies. Theses are just a few examples of God's faithfulness in my life.

Why does God allow adversity and calamity to come into our lives?  Why doesn't He just protect us from all disappointment? James 1:1-3 tells us the testing of our faith develops perseverance. It strengthens who we are. God could protect us from disappointment, but He wants us to choose to love Him; in good times and bad. God created the perfect world but it was over taken by sin. He wants us to have total ralaince on Him

What did you learn in this chapter that you would like to share here? A couple of weeks ago I got this strange urge to pray for God to shake up my life. And then not long after that I had the feel that some was coming and that I need to start praying for God to give me guidence and peace during this time. It has sorta died don in my soul but I still believe that something is coming. There's a saying that we're all always in one of three areas: we're in the midst of a trail, we're just coming out of a trail or we're fixing to got into a trail. I think this chapter enhance my belief that no matter what life throws me, that if I rely on God He'll see me through.

Reflect on the Bible verses you studied with this chapter. What kind of perspective do you believe you must develop so that you can respond to adversity with wisdom and maturity? I've got to trust God and turn to Him in good times and bad.

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