Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daddy, Mr. Barrett & Abba God ~ Part 1 ~ An Introduction

I may be about to what may be thee biggest writing challenge ever for me.  I'm going to attempt to compose a comparison between the 3 father "figures" in my life.  Obviously, no human can compare to Abba God!  But He did give me an "earthly" father to show me in tangible and visible ways how much He loved and cared for me.  My Daddy was a carnal, sinful man and why he wasn't perfect, he probably deserved a lot more respect than I gave him.
     I'm really not sure why I'm doing a series on this except to say that I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so.  I was listening to Joyce Myer's series "Beauty for Ashes" on CD today and she was talking about fathers and there importance in our lives.  It really hit me that there are issues with my daddy, my father-in-law and God that I need to  deal with.

     So, I'm off...I'm not sure how long this will take or how many blog posts it will take.    Please pray that God will be with me and that His Will will be done

      Thank you!

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