Thursday, February 17, 2011

HOME KEEPER'S JOURNAL: Dreaming of Spring

Homekeeper's Journal 2/15/11

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Today's is on "Springtime Plans". Yep, it's dreamin' time!! :) 

In my kitchen I plan to...Clean it!  Today I went to the grocery, cleaned out the fridge & planned my menu for the next two weeks.

Plans with the children... To get outside as much as possible. They got out of school early yesterday and we played out afternoon.  Bobbye Sue wants to play soccer.  Barrett is signing her up to play at the Y tomorrow.

Plans with the husband...HAHAHAHA!!!  Basketball tournaments start tomorrow.   These go on until April;  overlapping with base ball and softball seasons.    So Barrett will be gone a lot.  We value our DVR & TV time!  

Plans for my house...Spring cleaning!!!

Garden plans...DFIL and the kids tend the garden.  I love having fresh veggies to fix!!!!!!!!  Bobbye Sue & I will plant flowers out front.

Other plans...Not much.  Would like to find a women's conference to go to.  Any suggestions?  Need to start planning for VBS and our family vacation.

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  1. I am going to have to check this one out. I had not heard of this challenge. Thank you for sharing so much about your life, and how it is going for you. God bless you, and keep writing!


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