Thursday, February 10, 2011

Becoming a Woman of Grace - Chapter 1

What did you think about the Father and Child dialog at the beginning of chapter 1? Very compelling.  Love that God wants me to know of His grace.

What do you think of the relation of the word favor to the word grace?
When I think of favor I thing of something that I've asked for, but when I think of grace I think of something more unexpected, that I don't deserve; a gift.  But after reading this study I'm stated to realize that favor and grace or one in the same.  I think we've huamanized "favor.  I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.   I see grace more connected God and it sorta has the heavenly feel.  I think there's more exception with "grace" than with "favor.  It's hard for us sometimes, even as Christians to accept something for free, without expected to give something in return.  

Now talk about this chapter, your impressions, thoughts and any light-bulb moments ....
  This study started    slow for me, but I think that's just because of where I am right now. ~ Which is why i NEED this study right now.  A coupled of things I highlighted in my book were:

~"So even before they sinned, Adam and Eve lived on grace. And God's will for them was that they live by faith in future grace ~ God's daily, fatherly care and provission." (p.11)  This tells me that grace was in the plan all along.  It's kinda like the fact th I loved my kids even before they were born, & I'll alway love them no matter what.:they don't have to EARN my love.

- God CHOOSES to be kind and compasionate. (p. 12)

~ We can even see Him in creation. (p. 12)

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