Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - I Want to Be a Prayer Warrior - part 1

Well, today's THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY.  We've had VBS all this week and it was fantastic!!!  Last night we had a guest speaker; a woman who lived in Honduras for a year and worked at the children's home there.  Such an amazing testimony!!!   I was asking if there were many disabled childrem in Honderuas.  She said that while there are some kids with some mental disablities, but at this time, the children's home isn't equipped at this time to care for children with phsically disablities - but that there are  praying to  be able to soon.  She asked me to prayer for this need.

This got me thinking.  I really want to go back what I believe is on of my be a prayer warrior!!!

All my life, I've wanted to do is to server God and make Him.  Yes ~ I know ~ that I, in myself, cannot make God happy.  But I do believe that when we are obedident and follow God's will for our life ~ that we can and do please God.

Sometimes ~ too many time actuallly - I think of my Ceberal Palsey as a hinderance; that it keeps me  from serving God.  But truth; it only hinders me from servving Him the way I think I'm suppose.  But I have to realize that many of th ways I think I'm suppose to serve isn't what he intended me to do.

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