Sunday, May 22, 2011

Simple Sunday & a Trip to a Pet Resor

It has been a Simple Sunday. We had aa greeat day at church. We ar in the process of going through the book of Jude; learning about how everyone's salvation is the same and different. Then we came home and just hung out. We leave 2 weeks from tomorrow for our summer vacation. in the Smokies. I'm very excited but there's a LOT to do. We are going to kennel our Westie (Maggie Sue) this time. Big Fat Cat can fend for himself! So, I'd call about this one place and we went to check it out. We took the kids. BIG MITAKE!!! We get there and to the place. So, Barrett and I are looking for the basic feed & board deal. The lady starts talking about the different packages they have; spa treatments, boot camp, TVs tuned to Disney in their cages; thee whole 9 yards. So Bobbye Sue hears all this and she's so excited. It broke her heart to learn that we weren't doing any special. We're leaving on a Monday and we'll be back on Friday - I think the dog will survive. It is a nice kennel. Needless to say, I will have to call tomorrow and make arangements where little ears can't hear and influence thee choice of the package I choose.

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