Saturday, May 21, 2011

Silly Saturday ~ learning the Ipad

So, somehow I managed to tear up my laptop that Barrett gave me for Christmas - the charging cord broke off in it. I felt so bad - I'm just not a gentle person. Anyway, I'm trying the IPAD. Barrett met someone the other day that had a cased keyboard to go along with the IPAD. This was cheaper than the laptop, since we had an IPAD. My main concern weas charging the ipad itself. So when we went to Best Buy, we explainedd the issue and he showed us an IPAD dock. I'm so exscited! No more fumbling around with tink plug and my clumsby crip]ple hands trying to plugg it up. I can't tell you how many phoned and other electronics I've runied simply because I am too rough on things. I think is funnies that many things that are meant to make our lives easier, really aren that easy. O well, a-kum-a-ma-ta-ta! I think this will work. No, I don't NEED it, but I do like being able to down in the sunroon, watch TV & still be on the computer. I guess I'm just a morden day nerd.

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