Friday, May 6, 2011

Frame of Mind Friday - Crossing into the Twilight Zone

DO-DO-DO-DO-DO!!!  We, like many other folks have discover the wonder of of NETFLIXS.  One of Dalton's new favorite shows  is "The Twilight Zone"  I personally LOVE this show!!!  The something very intriguing
 about watching a show that's a little off with a bit of spookiness & doesn't really  have any rhyme or reason.  I suppose it's because half the time I myself feel like I  have entered into the twilight zone.  I just sometimes feel like I'm just watching things happen; things that I have no control over.  This has been a busy  week and as the school winds down, our schedules seams to be picking up.  I'm excited about our upcoming summer plans, I'm also aware that they will  come their own trails and stresses.  I really want to enjoy this summer; Barrett & my little people.  Sometimes when we get busy, we tend to ignore(or more like) put our spiritual life on the  back burner.  However when we do this, even when it's intentionality, it can leave an portlet for Satan to come in and try to gain control in our life. We   have to be very villi-gent in these times to stay straight and focused on God

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