Thursday, May 5, 2011

31 Days to Clean: Day 2: Created to Give Life

Giveaway!!      God created me, as I woman, to give life.  Well, what does that that.  Obviously, the first thing was to actually give birth to my children; I fed them and took care of them.  But giving "life" to means so much more.  It means encougarigng them, listening to them, helping them with their homework, even discipling them.  With husband it means giving him a clean,comfortable refuge to come home to after a long day, having a good supper on the table and NOT bombarding him with petty stuff.

Mary's Challenging:What can I do to renew life to my home?

  • Keep it clean
  • Make sure kid's do chores
  • Stay on top of laundry
  • Have all kids' problems resolved by the time the good, good Daddy gets home
  • Plan out and stick to menus
  • Give Barrett a chance to relax when he get home
  • Prayer over my home as I go about my day
Martha's Challenge ~  Today, we were suppose to clean out the fridge.  I did this Tuesday.  We're having company this afternoon, so I actually need to do a quick tidy of the main parts of the house

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