Sunday, August 17, 2014

What God's Been Teaching Me

      So, lately I've been getting a bit too big for my britches; figuratively; (we're no even going to touch my weight issue). I've been letting pride run my life instead of the fear of the Lord. I've been more concerned with “being right” and “always having the last word”, than I have been concerned about trying to do what's right in the eyes of the Lord.
     We all struggle with pride and wanting to control everything and everyone around us. While this is our human nature (part of the results of the fall). But as a wife, I am called to a life of submission. I'm not saying anyone should be a doormat, but you have to pick your battles. I've got to decide if me being right is worth hurting the feelings of my husband and children and upsetting the balance of our home. I have done this for way too long. I want a peaceful home. I know the personalities of my family and I need to pray for the wisdom of how to relate to them, rather than howto attack them and make their lives miserable. I have to remember that they we designed by God and in His image.
     I have to trust God to be my defender and will take care of me when I feel mistreated. Usually, when I stop and really think about the situation, most likely after I've reacted horribly, I realized that my perception of what had gone on was obscured and that I've reacted with my emotions and not with a clear understanding of what had just occurred.

     People say, be careful what your pray for and what you ask God to reveal to you; because He will and it will cut you to the core; but I am asking God to keep revealing to me ways that I incorrectly respond to situations because I don't want to live my life with regret; or being responsible for killing the peace in my house.

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