Saturday, August 30, 2014


As a mother there very few things I would not do for my kids.  That being said; as a mother with a disability, there are quite a few things that I physically can't do for my kids.  Now, mind you, this is nothing new; we've been dealing with this for over 15 years.
However, as they start each new phase of their life, we (OK, mainly I) have to readjust to what I can and can't do with and for them.  They're both at a point in their life where they do want to and have extra curricular activities.  Dalton is doing some form of fashion of basketball practice.  at least 5 days a weeks.  Bobbye Sue's in Girl Scout, plus she wants to pursue archery and student council.  (Yes, she may be a bit ambitious!) I want to be  that ultimate "soccer" mom who's at every game, who knows all her kids friends, teachers and coaches.  In my  heart, I know what an unrealistic version of a mom this is.  Even if I could drive and do things a "normal" mama could do, I'd still have a big problem: There's only one of me and there are two of them.
Years ago I was crying out to God about this very issues and said; "Why does my Cerebral Palsy have to effect my kids?  It's not fair!"  God quickly rebuked me and said; "Don't you think maybe I wanted your Cerebral to effect your kids!"  This was, and still is, such a powerful statement!  My kids truly have not suffered because of my CP.  It may even be a blessing.  In fact, as I write this Bobbye was reading over my shoulder and said; "You  know Mama, it really doesn't effect us that much."  
As a mother, I have to keep my eye on the prize; which is to be able to look at my kids and to know that they love God and that they are kind and helpful people.  As far as their extra curricular extra activity goes; I trust that God that He always lead them in the paths they should go.

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