Monday, August 18, 2014

Rambling Monday - My Fall Goals

Last week, I blog about how the start of each new school is like my "new" year.  I also  like to redo my  goals at this time of the year..;So here goes:

HOMEMAKING:  - Make my bed every morning.
                                  -Work on one room in the house each day:
                                              -Monday-my bedroom
                                               -Wednesday-Laundry room
                                                 -Friday-living room
                                                 -Saturday-catch up
                                                 -Sunday-Family day
                                    -Clean the kitchen every night before bed

PERSONALLY:          -Walk more
                                    -Blog at least 3X a week
                                   - Do some more blog hops
                                    -Read at least one book per week

SPIRITUALLY:        -Read Bible daily
                                    - encourage others on purpose
                                    -Journal regularly
                                    -listen to/ watch  inspirational speakers
                                   -memorize scriptures, especially those of praise

WIFELY                   -Pray for Barrett daily
                                  - Encourage him
                                   -Don't talk back
                                   -RESPECT him

MOTHERLY           -Pray for Dalton and Bobbye Sue daily
                                  -Listen intently to them.
                                  -Count to 10 and pray before I react to them
                                  -Encourage them daily
                                  -Make it clear that I'm 100% behind the
                                 -RESPECT them

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