Saturday, June 14, 2014


                                                             VBS DAY 2
Jordan: Tara, you're here, you're here!  I'm so excited for the second night of VBS!

Tara: Me too!  What was you FAVORITE part?

Jordan: UHM, I'm not sure.  Of course I loved Mrs. Casey's food.   Then we had games. arts and crafts, games, stories and music!

Tara: And mission.  Don't forget missions.

Jordan: Oh yes, mission.  I really enjoyed learning about the veterans.  But I am kind of confused over what we are suppose to be collecting for the V.A. hospital? 

Tara: Yes, I'm a little confused.  Maybe we could ask  Mrs. Leslie to explain it to us. 

Jordan:  Oh Yeah!   Mrs. Leslie!  Mrs. Leslie,  could you please come up and explain to us about the things we are collecting for the Veterans?"

{Mrs. Leslie comes up and explains about the collections for the Veterans at V.A. hospital.)

Tara: Thank you so much, Mrs. Leslie, for explaining us about what we're collecting.

Jordan: Yes, thank you Mrs. Leslie.  Now can we please go and look for the Lord under the big top! 

Tara:  Yes!  It's time for the 2nd night of the Holly Grove Carnival!

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