Wednesday, June 11, 2014

VBS Day 1 Puppet Show

OK, It's been a while since I blogged & even longer since I've done any script writing - how long have I  been out of high school???.  I am writing the script for the puppet shows this year for VBS.  Please tell me what you think.  Thank you.


Tara: I'm so excited!  We get to go  the Holly Grove Carnival for 3 nights in a row!

Jordan: Yeah, I can't wait.  I wonder who we'll see.  Maybe Brother Frank and Mrs. Teresa?

Tara: Yes, and...

Jordan:  Or Brother David and Mrs Casey

Tara:  Yes, and ...

Jordan: Ohh, Ohh.  The Deberrys, the Boones, the Pulliams and everyone else  from Holly Grove?

Tara: Yes, yes, we'll see all our friends from church.  But we're going to find someone else there too.

Jordan:  Who? Who?  The President?

Tara: No, not the President.  We're going to find the Lord under the big top.

Jordan:  Yay, the Lord.  The Lord?  How are we going to find The Lord under the big top.  You find the Lord at church on Sunday morning, not at a carnival!

Tara: No Jordan.  The Lord is always with us.  No matter if we are in church or at a carnival.  We just have  to look for Him.

Jordan: How?

Tara:  He'll be there when we're eating, when we're playing games and when we're making arts & crafts.  We're going to learn about how Jesus healed a blind man in stories and we going to learn about Veterans and about the V.A. Hospital in missions.

Jordan: What are Veterans?

Tara: Veterans are men and women who have served in the military.  We have a great Veteran's hospital right here in Murfressboro, where Veterans can get good medical care.

Jordan:  Cool! I'm ready.  Let's go to the Carnival!

Tara: Let's go meet the Lord under the big top!

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