Friday, January 31, 2014

Made to Crave - Chapter 3 - Getting a Plan

1.  What thoughts, images or emotions do you associate with the word plan?  I'm not by nature a planner.  I'd like to be but, at last, I find myself having all these great ideas, but when it's time to follow through, I lack gumption.  I'm married to a typical type A man who is organized and it absolutely drives him crazy that I'm not.  In fact, my lack of planning and organizing causes friction in our marriage than anything else.  UHM, I wonder how much of this is done self-consciously on my part???

2.  Are there areas in your life where planning does work for  you?  I guess so, we make plan for like vacations and stuff.  I have started reading a Women's Devotion Bible at night and another devotional in the morning - so far I've been keeping up with them both.  When it comes to food, it's the same way. I have good ideas, good intentions, but when it comes time to put it in motion, I always find myself falling short.

3.  What is the relationship between food and secrets?  Oh, this is deep... Food is the friend that never tells on you.  You can cry out to food, yell at it, tell it your joys and your fear and it offers instant  gratification.  It offers comfort and safety.  When other things leave us empty, food fills us up, at lease for a while.

4. Choosing a health life style can sometimes require extra effort.   Because of my physical limitations the idea of making extra such a seeing a doctor, join a fitness club or even  cooking healthier can be a challenge.  However, I can not use these as an excuse not to try to do my best in this journey.

5.  What words or phrases would describe the meal plan that would work for you?  Basic, simple,  EASY!!!    I'm sure if I continue  to pray and seek God's plan, He'll lead me to victory.

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